Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the mend

I went to physical therapy with Donna on Wednesday and Friday and she did ultrasound and massage on my ankle. It always hurts worse when I leave than when I walked in, and I try to tell myself that's because things are moving around in there, trying to get better. No doubt there's a lot of old scar tissue, too.

But still. I'm irritated that the swelling hasn't gone down and it's been over a month since I busted it. Actually, I'm just irritated that I'm supposed to limit "excessive walking" and really any other activity I might enjoy doing.


I typed all of that more than two weeks ago, on December 15. I was frustrated. I also had a chest cold and cough that, unfortunately, continues. ’Tis (or was) the season, right?

The swelling continues. The only time I notice relief from it is after I massage the rock-hard area behind and below the lateral ankle bone (calcaneous) then elevate and ice it for an hour or so. Oh yeah, and when I've done a hot/stinky/sweaty yoga class.

I took three of them in November after I hurt it: one at Yoga to the People, one at Hot Yoga Saratoga, and one at Bikram Yoga La Jolla while I was home for Thanksgiving. It seems that those 26 postures get the fluids movin' on out of that joint. Unfortunately, finances and schedules and other things that I tell myself are important have gotten in the way of taking classes.

I'm still supposed to be in PT, but, speaking of finances, the office couldn't work out the same deal with me for the New Year, so I'm checking out—AMA, I suppose. Oh well, Donna got me up to working with the Theraband. When I hiked on Christmas and two days later, I wore the hulky ankle brace. Icing the ankle afterward seems to have helped; crisis has been averted.

My dear friend Judy was teaching New Year's Day at Hot Yoga Saratoga, so I headed up there...

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