Monday, April 19, 2010

Forehead to the knee

I did it. I actually touched my exactly forehead to my exactly knee during the second (shorter) set of Standing Head to Knee pose during the 10:30 a.m. class on Saturday, April 17. Both sides. Coming out of the second side, I was a little weebly-wobbly, but I did not fall down...

This post is the anti-insight, but I wanted to record this achievement somewhere, in case 1) it never happens again, and 2) I forget that it is possible. Both of which are pretty likely. :)

Inothernews — I spent much of my Sunday out in the yard, hoeing and raking and weeding. Classic rock blared from a neighbor's place. Between hourslong rounds of throwing the ball to the dog, I got some pea seeds (did you know that they are just, well, ummm, dried peas?) in the ground. In the afternoon, I went to Target and Lowe's. Today, I am whining about being sore from the yardwork. When did I become a caricature of a suburban 45-year-old yuppie?

(But seriously, I am amazed at what a good core workout I got.)

Hope that everyone had a swell weekend. How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. Congrats on putting your forehead to knee!!! It's exciting isn't it?

  2. Yeahhhh, congrats!!! This is my challenging pose!!

    Sounds like you had a good weekend. It was nice in San Diego, not too hot not too cold. Just Perfect!!!

  3. Ooh! Good work on f-t-knee! :-) I have never done that and look forward to my "first time"! Too funny about the pea seeds.

    Cirita summed up the SD weather well... I enjoyed a hike in some nearby mountains in this perfect weather!

  4. AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT! Both sides! Wow!

  5. Thanks, ladies! I felt so silly and petty, tooting my own horn, but hey - this is my blog, after all. :) It really was a shocking moment, too!

    @E - I often think "f-t-knee," but it doesn't usually stand for "forehead-to." :P

  6. awesome, awesome! doesn't that feel so fabulous? yay!!