Thursday, August 5, 2010

So much to say, so much to say...

But where has my time gone? Been wondering if I should think about looking into modes of internet access for my laptop while I do the commuting thing every day. That's two whole hours a day I could be relating my yogic summer adventures (or lack thereof, honestly)... I could get caught up, at least.

But today... Today calls for a note to self.

For several days now, but especially today, I've been itching to stretch out these tight muscles and creaky bones. I was once again compelled to bust out a triangle in the bathroom stall. My left hip wanted more, more of that tinglyburnygetdeepinthere sensation. The lower back demanded it, too. It felt good to move into the posture for just a quick couple of seconds, to shush those clamoring voices for a while.

It'll be hard to keep this in mind, of course, in just over three hours, when the ABSOLUTE LAST thing I want to do is two sets of triangle.

The stoke, the motivation, the itch to do our yoga often comes easily outside the studio.

How do you honor that fire while in the studio, in the heat of the moment?

(Can't wait to post pics and a roundup soon. Very soon. Just as soon as I find a new mini-USB cable. Puppy chewed the old one...)


  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear the commute is so long. What an adjustment.

    Interesting question... I don't know if I can answer it. I love the idea of doing yoga "as-needed," as cats or dogs do. It's great to be in tune with our bodies outside the classroom so that we stretch when needed, eat what our body desires (not wants), etc. In class I just surrender and go go go. I try to not think! Hahahah. Probably not making much sense here.

  2. I don't mind my commute, honestly, because:
    1) I can and often do sleep through it.
    2) I love my job, and I love where I live, and I don't think the two coexist in any other geographical area. :)
    3) Have you seeeeen it? It's beautiful — when I can keep my eyes open for it. I'll put up a picture soon.

    The cats/dogs reference is brilliant! Thanks for calling my attention to it. I'd never made that connection before...

    You made plenty of sense, E. Thanks for tuning in!