Monday, October 18, 2010

Think I'm gonna do a home practice tonight. Crank up the space heater and bundle up, and see (remind myself, really) what a third consecutive day of practice can do for my body and soul.

Thursday night, my left hip finally got itself figured out. A huge pop during Eagle, which was slightly, briefly painful, and then I was feeling loose, flexible, easy, comfortable... It's funny, though: I'd just been getting to a point where I could balance in various postures, and all of a sudden — POOF! — my body makes a major shift and I'm starting from scratch all over, once again.

It's never too late, right? That's what I hear, anyway. ;)

(Inothernews: Ticket bought for a quick visit to San Diego Nov. 4 [Thursday afternoon] to Nov. 7 [Sunday night]! I so hope to visit BKTT, and meet some of my blogger amigas. :) )


  1. Ahhhh! Your hip popped! Also, you're coming to SD! I know you'll be busy, but please please please let's try to meet. Name a time and place--even for just a coffee or a morning walk--and I will be there!

  2. Hey Catherine!
    So I'm not sure how I haven't found your blog earlier, but hey :) Just saw a link through Kirsten's site and had to check it out. Awesome stuff you have here! I love that we both have posted about Pacing the Panic Room. Isn't Ryan's stuff amazing? I love it. Anyway, great job with your posting and definitely feel free to swing by Alive in the Fire. I look forward to keeping in touch!

  3. Hi Rachel! I am super lame and never responded more in-depth to your email after I won the Ultima. Apologies if I came across as some loser who's like, "Hey, let's be friends and oh by the way can I win?" and then wins and disappears. Work got nuts, but the nuts-ness is ending next week, then I can blog and return emails and all that good stuff. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!