Friday, December 3, 2010

But I don't know the secret handshake!

My studio's owners are hosting Diane Ducharme tomorrow for a teachers-only posture clinic at their Bronx studio. I asked the owner if she needed any help setting things up, taking them down, signing people in, whatever. I just wanted to be humbled in the presence of greatness (not just Diane, but *all* of the awesome teachers that'll be there). She said she'd get back to me, I think. That was well over a month ago.

So last Sunday, during my regular work-study shift, the owner's husband asks if I can work Saturday instead this week, so the teacher can go straight to the seminar after the morning classes.

And then he said when I finished cleaning, I could come down to the other studio and join the teachers-only posture clinic.

May tomorrow evening's class with Diane be better than my last class with Diane, aka "The class where I almost died." (That class, by the way, has since been surpassed as worst class ever. Gonna have to write about that one of these days.)

I'm so excited (and I may even pull a double tomorrow)!


  1. Yay! That's so exciting. Be sure to tell us all about it.

    p.s. why is the label, "I'm an idiot"??? :-)

  2. I will definitely tell about it. :) One of the labels is "I'm an idiot" because I feel super dorky and awkward about going to this thing. Well, dorky and awkward in general, but particularly this. :P

  3. I'm so jealous you get to take Diane's class!! I haven't made it out to her studio in West Roxbury in ages. Sighhh... How was it??

  4. Dang, did they REALLY let you sit in? Ok, I want to hear about this. But not TOO much, cause you know, "teacher's only" info. ;-)

    Aside to hannah: *TWACK* You don't get to live THAT close and then be jealous when OTHER people take Diane's class! Move your butt! (Hehehe.)

  5. Hi, ladies. I ended up not going... post TK when I get through this one thing at work. Sigh...