Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australian news article on Rajashree

(Click on the page, then click on the little magnifying-glass-thingy to enlarge. Or, original is here but who knows when they'll take it down.)

Thanks to @jimwehmeyer on Twitter for sharing this, and Rachel at Alive in the Fire for retweeting it.

I'd so wanted to go to Rajashree's seminar at Kripalu last weekend, but it was just too expensive for me. Everything I've heard about her leads me to believe it would be amazing just to be in her presence, and try to soak up drops of her wisdom, and compassion. Been feeling like I could use some of those lately.

Hope everyone's doing well, and staying warm!


  1. Isn't it amazing what an awesome vibe she seems to send out, and yet Bikram comes off as a total asshole?! Never ceases to amaze me :) Thanks for reposting here!

  2. You both should connect with my wife. Jennifer, she worked at Bikram HQ as the Associate Teacher trainer for 4yrs, prior to her moving to Tx. She knows both Bikram and Raj very well. Jennifer is the person who got me to go to my 1st class. This is her twitter account: @jwehmeyer or better to contact her through linkedin-


  3. I love this article! Thanks for posting it. It's SO nice to see her taking yoga to the level of service, and one that also serves to empower women and children. At the very least, she's using her "fame" by calling attention to these world issues.

    Keep posting, lady, I like reading what you have to say.