Friday, October 5, 2012

A footnote, chronologically anyway

(I couldn't realistically make this a footnote on that last post, right? I mean, it was painfully long already.)

I want to be clear that there are plenty of things that I am or have been actively working to make better.

At the same time, it feels good to get all of that shit out of my head and onto "paper." It's been percolating much longer than I'd like to admit. Honestly, I already feel lighter. Happy Friday, y'all.

Love love.


  1. So sorry to hear about the struggle, sweet Cath. With your schedule, it's no wonder you're feeling depressed. I don't think humans are meant to grind, grind, grind like that.

    That said, I think yoga could help... I think that's what it's for, to help us stay human while carrying very inhumane schedules.

    1. I agree. Humans are not meant to grind grind grind. Our modern society does not allow for enough down time and we pay with our health (mental and physical).

      I also agree that yoga can help, but being in the same boat as Cath, I feel qualified to say there is no time. Leaving the house at 7 and coming home at 7, where do you take 2+ hours for a yoga class? You come home at 7, haven't eaten yet, haven't spent any quality time with your partner yet, do not have any energy to wash dishes, do laundry, clean, cook, etc. So you end up catching up with all those things on the weekend. The weekend ends up being stuffed and packed to the brim. And wouldn't you know it, then it's Monday again and you haven't even really sat down and relaxed. But the laundry is still not all finished, and the cleaning is also not done and your partner feels more like a roommate because you're so busy and stressed and exhaused.


      I want to get back to a regular practice, and I try, and it works for a few weeks and it feels good, but I am so exhausted all the time I burn out.

  2. You are in my thoughts. I hope that things get easier for you soon.