Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Practicing with dizziness?

I've had a head/chest cold for about a week now. As of yesterday (Monday) morning, I'm dizzy more often than I'm not. Weird, huh?

Sunday night, I was anxious and irritated and even while I was trying to take a nice, relaxing bath, I could feel my muscles tensing up and my attitude becoming more and more unpleasant. I'd had the heater on in the bathroom and my face was sweating in the bath (I do realize this sounds like it could be going in an unsavory direction...).

It was strange. I started feeling nauseous. I tried to stand up to take a shower and was really dizzy, seeing stars and ringing ears and all of that. I *know* I didn't get any water deep in my ears.

Maybe it was some kind of detoxing? That's kind of what it felt like. Ew.

Anyway - I want to practice, but I'm worried about practicing while I'm still a little dizzy. Any suggestions/ideas?


  1. Aww hope you feel better soon; sending you good vibes! It's totally possible that it is some sort of detox... if you feel up for practicing, maybe you could let the teacher know how you feel beforehand and during class try to take everything really slowly and see how it feels; if it doesn't feel good then stop. Rest is good, too, so please don't feel bad if you have to take a few days off! If it is detox just think about how much stronger you will feel in a few days! Best wishes!

  2. No suggestions, just sympathy! I started meds about a month ago and dizziness in the yoga room is a common occurrence now. It sucks, but I know the cause so I try to be easy on myself.

    If it persists, talk to the doctor. Good luck :-)

  3. Thanks for the support, ladies. :) I think that if it *is* detox, in my case I probably need to be doing more yoga (at least initially) than backing off.

    Hopefully tonight I will practice, whether in a studio at home. The weather is pretty atrocious so I doubt I'll make it to a studio, but we'll see.