Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stalling (and a funny book)

I was just walking down the hall at work, and an urge to do triangle struck me. It almost felt like my hip sockets were itchy.

So I took a detour to the ladies' room, where the extra-large disabled stall awaited. No one was in there, so I proceeded to bust out some half-moon ("rightandleftandrightandleft, 10, 15 times," echoing in my brain). Then I angled, awkwardly, diagonally across the stall for a little workplace trikonasana. It felt good to get into my hips! Couldn't get them down as far as I wanted to, to really get into those sockets, but it was better than nothing! Definitely the strangest place I've ever "practiced."

So readers, I want to know: What is the most unusual place you've ever struck a pose?

I found this funny book at the library last week:

This picture, on the back, made me wonder if these ladies know the awesomeness that is the second part of awkward pose?

It's gorgeously clear and cold out now, but we're expecting up to a foot of snow through Thursday morning... It's not much compared to my southerly neighbors, and I lived in Utah for eight years, so I know a good storm, but man... I guess you can take the girl out of San Diego, but you can't take San Diego out of the girl. It would be awful nice to stay home tomorrow, curling up with a good book, the dog, and some tea in front of my fireplace while it dumps snow outside. I don't mind snow, as long as I don't have to do anything in it.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!


  1. I used to sometimes do a couple of backbends and half tortoise in a panel truck that belonged to the company I worked for.

    Somtimes you just have to stretch.

  2. Are you from San Diego? I live there now. Love it! I couldn't imagine "real" weather :-/

  3. Uh, I always do a little yoga in the bathroom at work. Is that weird?? But, I'm only talking some half moon or maybe some forward bending. Nothing serious---not like triangle! Wow.

  4. Dorothy - In a truck?? That's hardcore. "Sometimes you just have to stretch." is my new take-a-break-at-work mantra.

    Yolk - Yep! Most of the time I miss it, but my amazing job doesn't exist there. At. All. I'm so happy you love it! If it's not too personal - where did you move there from?

    hjb - Not weird; awesome! I should do more forward bending... I think having the right stall is key for triangle. Which I did again today. :D