Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 20: Not two-thirds done.

I so wish I'd been able to practice this yoga on each of 30 days. (That brings to mind the saying, "If wishes were fishes..." — what does that even mean?) But this month, it wasn't to be... It did, however, get me into the chiropractor's office, and on a path to minimizing daily pain. If the primary goal of every endeavor is to learn even one little thing, then I've met that, as I've learned a bunch by trying to complete this challenge.

Last night, the BF was out hiking with the dogs when I got home, so I did two sets of each posture in the standing series, and a single set of the remaining postures before they got home. The dogs needed baths IMMEDIATELY, smelling vile after rolling in who-knows-what. Once they were clean and fluffy, I went back to my mat and goofed around with more postures. I did a few sets of standing head to knee on both sides, a couple standing bow pulling poses, and some other random postures. Anything involving toes touching your head is a hell of a lot easier in a warm studio, you know?

Something possessed me to work on headstands. They, like my living room's floor, are HARD!

One thing I really appreciate about a home practice is the flexibility to do an extra set of postures, or hold something just a little bit longer than we would in class. I'm not sure anyone really likes standing head to knee, but I am enjoying it for now because I've been feeling a progression in it, especially as my hips start to even out. On my 30 Before 30 list, I have "Do 29 backbends." I love backbends, I really do, but I'm thinking of editing that to-do, changing it to "Do 29 standing head to knees." So much more of a challenge. We'll see...


  1. I have never heard that quote 'If wishes were fishes I'd cast my net in the sea' - my brain isn't working too fast this morning so I'll think on that one. Also I think it is really cool that you have extended your practice to home. I haven't really taken that leap yet.

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_wishes_were_horses,_beggars_would_ride

    Wiki :)

  3. I love your way of looking at the challenge. Good for you--the challenges are a path to opening, to exploring, and discovering new things about yourself.

    Yargh! head-to-knee! That, and separate-leg-head-to-knee (too many dashes!) are my current nemeses.

  4. Kirsten - I don't know that I've extended my practice to home, per se; it's just that no studio is even remotely convenient to get to. Bleh. And thanks for the link! I'd been too lazy to look it up. My personal favorite, for all-around whimsy/nonsense: "If wishes were fishes, beggars would fly."

    E - I'm a great rationalizer. :P Separate leg head to knee (I'm boycotting dashes) is an evil, evil thing. "Breathing normally"? Yeah, whatever. :) I heart that you used "nemeses." Have you seen the movie "Mystery Men"?

  5. lady, i gotta get in on your secrets to a home practice. the other day, i couldn't get to class, and i 'tried' to do it. guess how far i got? pranayama and the very first part of half moon...the part where you 'gauge where you are for the day' or whatever. LOL!

    maybe the challenge wasn't only on the 30 days, seeing that you did get yourself to the chiro that you said you needed. it all works out in the end :)