Friday, September 17, 2010

Days 14/15/16: "Do What You Can Today, And Do Not Judge Yourself."

The title of this post is from a piece over at this blog, which I found through another blog.

And it's something I know that I know, but definitely needed a reminder about.

I don't know if it's because of looming chilly weather, or work stress, or life stress — or catalyzed by the yoga and the bodywork — but my body is hurting... Beyond the unbelieveable stiffness, beyond the for-no-reason muscle soreness, beyond all sorts of other symptoms that can be explained away. It feels like the fibromyalgia is back from its slumber. I know that it's back when my skin starts to hurt.

Basically my nerves freak out over normal sensations (god forbid I get goosebumps) and minimal stimulus (please don't pat my arm, thanks). Maybe I have written about this here, before? It's theorized that the nervous system doesn't know what to do with this input. You know what is really good at calming down the nervous system?


So after a four-so-far-day hiatus (it was only supposed to be three, but a train breakdown kept me from the hot room last night. *shakes fist!!*), my goal tonight is to simply move. I'll just do a single set (maybe [poutyface]), slowly and deliberately. I'd like to do that every day, from now until whenever.

The chiropractor got insurance to authorize this:

Ostensibly, electrical impulses sent via the little gel pads have a pain-relieving effect. Thus far, that hasn't really happened for me. I do feel like the muscle spasms are breaking up, a little bit, and maybe that's the first step to the pain relief. We'll see. It isn't hurting anything and it didn't cost me a dime, so I might as well give it a go. Even though it reminds me of an old-school garage-door opener.

A few hours later:
Well, just got back from a productive visit with the chiropractor, Dr. E. I mentioned my concerns, she sounded surprised by them, but then she kind of switched gears and was really nice. She recommended a homeopathic treatment specifically for nerve pain, which is kind of cool. I am not totally convinced that homeopathic treatments work, but if it does, it only costs $6.99. And if it doesn't, I'm only out $6.99. Also, I'm only seeing her once next week. (YAY!!$$$!)

She said that stiffness is often an intermediate step between pain and not-pain, as more blood flows to the area. She said to keep moving, keep using the garage-door opener, keep doing what I'm doing because my spine is moving.

My thought: Yeah, but to "keep doing what I'm doing" will make things hurt. ??? That is counterintuitive, at best. So, as I wrote above, I'm just going to go slow and steady, gently. And I'll try the sugar pills.

Love love, and happy Friday, ladies. :)


  1. Happy, happy Friday! Maybe the gentler stuff will be the way to go for a while. And then if you get better, you can go back to the S&M route she was giving you before ;-)

    Seriously, though, I'm sorry to hear you're so incredibly stiff and in pain. The sensitivity to everything makes me think of fibro. Hope it's not that bad...

  2. does alcohol help? i kid, i kid. ok, well sort of kidding.

    sending over good vibes and some dinuguan :) hope you feel better soon!

  3. Happy Friday! Well, a little late. I'm behind on blog commenting, but I'm still out here reading...!

    Anyway, I'm sorry that you're so stiff and sore. For what it's worth, the whole "it's gotta get worse before it gets better thing" really rings true to me, because we see that in yoga a LOT. Any time someone comes in with any kind of chronic misalignment in their body - scoliosis, for example - the yoga is gonna hurt and make them sore, because they have so many changes to go through in their body. Everything has to shift to an even more uncomfortable place while it's on its way back to the right place! Change hurts. But you can't improve without it....

    Apparently in Ayurvedic medicine (which I know next-to-nothing about), there's a basic principle that "pain kills the pain." It's a different approach, and not intuitive at first, but it makes a lot of sense.

    Sending good vibrations. :)