Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 9: A public service announcement

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This public service announcement sponsored by your local friendly work-study student:

PLEASE, for the love of all that is good, PLEASE, do not be an overzealous sweat-flinger!

As part of my work-study duties, I clean up around the studio after classes. Emptying trash cans, spraying down mats and showers, vacuuming, laundry, etc. No problem. On weeknights, I typically spot-clean the mirrors from the incidental and inevitable sweat splotches. We are, after all, touching that mirror in Standing Bow Pulling Pose, aren't we? ;) Of course we are.

But man, oh man. There's one guy who always stands in the front-left corner of the studio, sequestered waaaaay into the corner in a way that isn't necessary when there are only 10 people in class, and he throws sweat everywhere.

(Now, I understand this sweat business: Unfortunately, I consider myself a super-sweater, and have soaked my fair share of towels. But I try, at least, to keep my splish-sploshing confined to my mat and towels. I get that it's 105° and we're dripping. I do.)

After classes that The Flinger is in, I have to bust out the squeegee and Windex and many towels, just to clean this one corner. I understand that this is part of my job, but there are many, many other things to tend to and it's already after 9 p.m. when I start cleaning, and I have a 45-minute drive home. For the same reason that we don't leave our sweaty clothes laying around the dressing rooms, we should try to be considerate about cleanliness in the rest of the studio and other people's time.


(Inspired in part by Cristina's awesome post here.)

It would have been nice to get home before 11. Otherwise, last night's class was pretty good.


  1. I feel again myself!

    All we people that sweat a lot, think about the people around us and the persons cleaning up after us.

  2. Oh man... You're going to love this.
    My VERY FIRST Bikram class I ever went to, I was tucked in the back next to this very large, tall, muscley, bald man... who LITERALLY smelled like sauerkraut & onions... Probably flung his sweat onto me in every posture. He kept wiping his face and would try to fling it downward but I am only 4'11"!
    I never saw him again. It's a wonder I came back for my 2nd class!

  3. hahaha! you're hilarious.

    for the most part, the regulars at my studio are decent about the sweat. a few bring in bags to immediately tuck their wetsies in, such a considerate thing to do, that everyone should really do.

    but the others? not so much...

    just make sure you don't use the cane vinegar to disinfect, cuz it's not a smell you want lingering, lol!